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Affordable insights overnight

Grow ideas people want and need with actionable insights in days, not weeks.


Customer feedback from beginning to end

Use our self-service platform to bring in the voice of your customer early, often and with more impact.


Creativity with confidence

Explore, iterate, discover new possibilities and bring great ideas to life with our human and AI analysis.


Test new ideas

Gather insights on customer needs, discover opportunity territories, analyse competitors and test bold ideas. Find what's right in an idea and where to go next.

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Iterate and grow

Find potential and opportunity through built-in concept testing. With speed and affordability, keep refining and optimising an idea until it's a great one.

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Prioritise and choose

Work on the right ideas by bringing in customer evidence to support decisions. Use benchmarks to compare to the competition and know what 'good' looks like.

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Refine and get ready to execute

Make sure you idea sings with your customers. Test messaging, optimise packaging, and gather supporting evidence.

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Hear from our customers

“Ideally has enabled me and our teams to test ideas around current and future concepts and build evidence to help rally people and move them forward. The agility of the platform and the speed of insights are a game-changer."

Simon Hofmann
GM, Brand and Marketing — Kiwibank

“Ideally is a game-changer. The platform delivers robust results really quickly, helping us to save valuable time and money. The insights we gain through Ideally have empowered us to have evidence-based conversations with retailers”

Stephanie Nilson
Global Marketing Manager — Soulfresh


Our mission is to make consumer testing a place ideas go to grow.

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