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Discover consumer and category

With Ideally, you can define consumer profiles and ask questions to understand your customer's needs and what's important to them.

If you're new to surveying, our research team can help you find the right approach.


- Fresh perspectives on a problem
- What competitors are offering
- What's important for consumers
- How to grow in your category, and appeal to others

A digital collage with two tablets showing a bar graph on Kombucha health claims and a thematic analysis of survey responses on policy influence.

Explore strategic territories

Because Ideally is fast and affordable, you can go wider than ever before. Test a range of early stage ideas, concepts or creative propositions and find the most compelling strategic territory.

Our AI co-pilot helps you synthesise responses to find new ways to develop your idea.

Go wide

- Test bold ideas and find whitespace
- Explore strategic positioning for your new idea

Various product attributes like "Refreshing," "Sweet treat," "Low price," and "Brand" using coloured circles in a segmented layout.

Develop and make choices

Develop and refine your ideas to deliver the best outcome.

Use Ideally surveys to identify blind-spots, surface more perspectives and make informed decisions about your idea. Validate ideas with data from real people, helping you build confidence with your stakeholders, partners and clients.


- Packaging and design
- Headlines and copy
- Pricing strategy
- Flavours and varieties

The image displays two Vince brand veggie mince products, "Slow Dried Veggie Mexican Nachos" with a 75% popularity rating and "Slow Dried Veggie Savoury Mince" with 64%, both marked as family size and featuring award and quick preparation claims.

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A few simple steps to insights

Screenshot of a can of ALLPRESS ESPRESSO BLACK Iced Specialty Coffee
Icon of a mic
Easy to set up
Choose from our proven testing frameworks and add your own ideas or creative. You can add your own questions, too.

Ideally is self-service, with a research team available to support you.
chart graph
Icon of a lightbulb
Overnight results
Set-up your survey and target audience by lunchtime. Next morning results from hundreds of respondents will be analysed and available in our beautiful dashboard.
A graphical representation of survey results about beer preferences
Icon of a magnifying glass
Uncover the why to find opportunity
Our AI co-pilot and reporting help you discover opportunity and possibility in your ideas. Understand who it resonates with and why. Use that insight to iterate and grow your idea.
Three people lying on a round, blue-striped blanket on a grassy field, enjoying the outdoors.

“Ideally enabled me to test ideas that had been sitting in my drawer and build evidence to rally people and move them forward.”

Simon Hofmann
GM, Brand and Marketing — KiwiBank

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