Iterating on great ideas with Danone Nutricia

Danone Nutricia is responsible for some of the most-loved food products in the world. Whether you’re a parent in search of the best infant milk formula or a hospital patient in need of medical nutrition, the brand offers solutions that positively impact your health from early life and onwards into old age.

For an organisation that prides itself on focusing on the future of food, it comes as no surprise that what they value in Ideally as a collaborative partner is adaptability and speed. “There’s a lot of value in something that has a really quick turnaround,” Danone Nutricia’s Head of Strategy, Planning and Insights ANZ Clara Lee says.

A highlight of her experience has been the flexibility with which Ideally lets the business test initial concepts before deciding what to invest in. “Ideally encourages teams to not be scared of putting stuff out there and seeing what comes back, then having a few goes at it. It allows us that freedom to play a little bit more,” she says. “Every marketer wants that get-out-of-jail clause to test their ideas, and Ideally provides that with its low cost of entry.”

When it comes to the value that Ideally brings to the team at Danone Nutricia, Clara is enthusiastic about how it lets her team test and learn without the fear of having to invest money in advertising for a concept that might not go right.

Using Ideally to refine and tune good ideas on the go has been both cost-efficient and educational for our collaborators at Danone Nutricia. “The fact that we can easily upload the testing material ourselves and get results back all within 24 hours is a game change in the demanding business world that we operate in,” notes Clara.

“A lot of marketers often feel like we have to get everything 100% perfect when we write concepts and things like that. Whereas I feel like with Ideally’s platform, it allows us to test and learn a little bit more and to optimise, which I really think is of great value.